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I contacted mt nba 2k21 service relating
I do sort it by new but I have just been so busy working I haven't had time to actually assess the subreddit, I appreciate it though!

I contacted mt nba 2k21 service relating to this last week. They insisted that they were still supporting the stadia variation and thought that it was an technical problem regarding my link to their servers.

I pointed out that their servers may still process VC buys fine, that the daily games update right (still without upgraded rosters), and this appears to be a problem for ALL stadia players. Crickets since. It is pretty pathetic.

I actually believed it'd get fixed by preseason... after that the onset of the season. Now I am not so convinced. Hopefully it does though, because it performed well.

Don't purchase a 2k sport game, they are trash in cheap nba 2k21 mt general, they don't care about its players/customers, they do not optimize their games and they do not provide it support.As much as I agree with that it's the typical using a monopoly. Again I concur though so it's not perfect. It's a shame.

I'm fortunate to get additional consoles to play too but bums me out on top of all of the crap 2K pulls they mess up on a stage. I did get the game (following the stadia new user coupon) for $1. Xx so at least I didn't lose much except the chance to use the voucher on a different game.

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