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What is the grind like now?
Why should I wear rune gloves when Blue Dragon vamps and Batwing gloves have exactly the very same stats but are a lot cheaper? Why should I even wear rune armor at all!? Can someone who only plays Melee pk really well? ( and what is the best place for him to RS gold do this ) Is your Amulet of Str unworthy now? ( I do not know the entire crit item ).

So I'm preparing a new list of Adventures for the following skill log. I am unsure at this time what I really need to do, however. I sort of want to stay away from"becoming that 99!" Cause well I am simply not like this haha. I favor more tangible goals/etc over getting a 99. I don't like it but I do need to train it some...I am somewhat wanting to carry out on it until they develop better training experience fashions for it haha. (I'm thinking 48-70 is a fair target for me for it at the moment) Another Adventure I am somewhat interested in is trying these new instanced boss fights * KK, etc) even if it's only on the easiest level right now.

Another Adventure I've Been lazy about but I want to achieve is 110 dungeoneering ( such as 105ish Right Now? ) This may take me some time cause I just solo. After four items though. . I want more ideas. I'm aiming for about 8-10 thoughts complete.

With the coming Defence reset, I've got the opportunity to reset to level 1 defense. However, this will make me unable to utilize Power armor, and locks out the essential Freedom capability. I really could train back up to level 34 at a flash, but what would be the purpose of the reset then? The other issue is that PvP is pretty much dead except for warbands, and together with the change of mechanics at warbands, there is hardly any advantage to getting a very low combat level anymore.

If I train up my combat, I'll be able to access much better slayer masters, which speeds up my main goal. It had been so hard to get around 89 slayers without even having the ability to do Smoking Kills until the 90 battle. Being not able to buy osrs gold safe use Kuradel or the Iowerth slayer master will probably be similarly frustrating, although, on the other hand, it would be an interesting achievement to get 99 slayers without ever being in a position to utilize a master better than Sumona. Soooooo... any hints?

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